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Company Journey

GURJAS TRANSPORT Journey has witnessed several successful projects. GURPREET, the founder of the company, has always had this idea in his mind, of launching a platform which allows not only dump truck drivers but also operators shape their viewpoints with no burdens. Our Platform offers great chances to many company drivers to be owner operators. Throughout our journey, we have got the chance to execute many projects, and witness broad of success stories of drivers. Success is always the result of shared efforts.


Dedicated to your satisfaction

In GURJAS TRANSPORT, all customers are welcomed to be served. Missions are brilliantly accomplished, and customer satisfactions is definitely attained. This is due to the strategy followed in our company, and the experienced team hired as well. Our experienced drivers work hard and do your job with pleasure. Our Company has proudly achieved 100% of customer satisfaction.

While planning for projects, our professionals grease the wheels to customers in order to pinpoint the nearest dump site, arrange for job sites as well as pinpoint ways for truck suitable jobs. It worth mentioning that no extra charges are added during this process. On daily basis, we aim to fulfill and achieve the results planned for; therefore, we follow the plans and dates. Because customer’s privacy is a priority to us, referrals are always available upon request.

Professional Service

Satisfaction guarantied

Fast Delivery

Strategic planning


Our growing fleet includes brand new 2022, and equipment of less than 6 years old. Our family is honored to have diligent owner operators and skilled drivers who are committed to utilize their experience to achieve success. Our drivers are experienced and qualified to do all jobs assigned to them; they enjoy wide experience in our industry, dump truck industry. For GURJAS TRANSPORT drivers, safety and health protocols can never be missed. For this reason, we take pride in that no jobsite incident or dumpsite incident has ever occurred during our years of experience. Our customers’ satisfaction always comes first. Minor violation of our company policy does matter, so immediate actions are taken instantly.